Drama on the North Fork

I never thought I’d become attached to a moose cow and her calf, but as we all know, our feelings are out of our control.  The story of these two started when a moose cow ventured to a secluded area to give birth. Her little calf was born on May 21 on an island in the middle of the Shoshone River, just twelve miles outside of Yellowstone’s East Entrance.  That’s not too unusual,  since moose often give birth on islands to keep their helpless calves safe for the first few days of their lives. Unfortunately this year’s extremely warm weather caused the mountain snows to melt rapidly, flooding parts of the Shoshone.  Read more...

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Tracking the Gray Ghost – the Wolves of Northwestern Wyoming

A small herd of bull bison leave Yellowstone Park every autumn to spend the winter months at lower elevations in the Shoshone National Forest. Although this winter range is more hospitable than the high country of Yellowstone, it is plagued by howling winds which often gust over 70 miles per hour. (Sandy Sisti)

A bison bull heads into deserted Clearwater Campground in the Shoshone National Forest.

Early spring is a quiet time of year in the Shoshone National Forest. Once bustling with wildlife activity, the forest is now almost silent.  Bighorn sheep still frequent the area, but the rams have concluded their dramatic battles and quietly return to small bachelor herds.  Tiny northern pygmy-owls are no longer calling in search of mates and leave the pine forests they once frequented in search of higher ground.  In March, large elk herds begin to move to the river bottom to feast on vegetation but the herds disappear before the first rays of sun appear over the horizon.  Read more...

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